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About Our Seattle Body Shops

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Seattle, the Emerald City and the mostly-flooded locale of America's logging industry. Home of the seminal grunge movement. And regrettably responsible for hackneyed post-grunge acts like Nickelback, which is the aural equivalent to a slow and painful death. If you are unfortunate enough to come across Nickelback on the car radio, you might be driven to crash your vehicle in an unstoppable rage. Even worse, Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain could emerge from their hometown's graves to stalk the streets in search of delicious brains, causing untold damage after you swerve to avoid them. In any absurd scenerio, your auto needs are important. Vehicle repair shops all over Seattle are now cooperating with Body Shop Bids to bring you a comparative list of repair estimates. Each of these creditable companies are vying for your business, so you're in control when it comes to choosing who fixes your vehicle.