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Chicago is filled to the brim with Bulls, Bears, and Cubs, all of which you have to swerve to avoid when driving through the crowded streets of Chi-town (we assume). Who's going to fix your vehicle's burn damage when the descendants of the O'Learys let their cow kick over another lantern and burn down Chicago again (it's inevitable)? When you stumble onto the airstrips of O'Hare airport, you're going to need the estimate of the damages left where the Boeing 747 smashed into your car. No matter what part of the Windy City you hail from, the cost of damages won't blow over. You'll need current prices, and Body Shop Bids will draft a list of body shops in a breeze. Wind puns. Area auto repair shops are working together with Body Shop Bids to bring you competitive rates, guaranteeing that you'll find what you need at a fair price