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Ah, San Francisco, the City by the Bay. Named after Saint Francis of Assisi during his rebellious teenage years when he wore eye shadow and told everyone to call him Raven Francisco. Still known as a thriving center of culture, freedom, and Rice-A-Roni, San Francisco is the ideal pluralistic society. Frisco contains a plethora of Chinatowns and Golden Gate bridges, unfortunately crowded places teeming with automobile accidents waiting to happen. Unless you take the cable cars, the need for auto repair is a standard. Especially after causing a pileup from gawking at nudists or accidentally plowing through an LGBT parade (not as a political statement, your GPS just led you astray). Not to cultivate fear, but it's always a plus to know the location of the nearest and most affordable body shop. <p>Local vehicle repair companies are now collaborating with Body Shop Bids to list and compare rates, giving you the details needed to find the optimal repair place. If you're in the San Fran area and need auto work, just fill out the online form detailing the damage. Leave it to us to accommodate you with a respectable body shop that will restore your vehicle, no questions asked. Unless there's blood, that might warrant a question or two.