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They don't call Los Angeles the City of Angels because everyone there is a perfect driver. The United States' second most populous city has some of the most dense traffic; the Native Americans call it The Valley of the Smoke from the traffic smog. It's only a matter of time before one of your fellow Angelenos rear ends or t-bones you, and we say that without a hint of innuendo. Do you think anyone from Hollywood will mind barreling through your sedan to get to their movie studio? They won't, we checked. Brad Pitt will gladly crush you beneath the tank he most certainly drives. Luckily we have your back. Local auto shops have joined forces with Body Shop Bids, and are delivering unto you the power of comparative reasoning. With the help of Body Shop Bids, you'll discover the vehicular repair rate that suits your budget. So next time you pull out of the Staples Center or Dodgers Stadium, you'll know where to go when someone dents you.